Installing Shower Door Stopper

May 24th
Sliding shower door stopper
Sliding shower door stopper

Shower door stopper – A door to the left unrestricted opening can continue along its swing path until it meets resistance in the shape of the adjacent wall. If the occupants enter the room with force, the impact could damage the door and wall. You can avoid this situation by installing a plug of the low door. This simple device brings the door to a stop at a predetermined position. Carefully select the location for the shower door stopper to avoid having to create several holes in the floor.

Open the door, and swing to the area where you want to stop. Use a pencil to mark the location on the floor by the front and side edges of the door. Measure 2 inches from the front edge of the door and make another mark. Measure 1 inch to the side of this mark, and make a third mark. Make sure the mark is on the side of the door swinging in the room.

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Creating a hole in this place for the shower door stopper. Drill the hole with a punch if you have a floor made of a relatively soft, such as wood or laminated material, and use wood screws to screw the cap. Alternatively, drill hole in the ground if made of a hard material such as cement or tile. Insert a fiberfill in the hole before screwing on the cap. Ensure that the damping section points door stopper to the door to avoid damage on impact.

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