Q. Is there handicapped Parking available?

A. Yes, we have handicapped parking. Please ask at the gate for directions.

Q. Where can I purchase advanced wristbands?

A. Advanced wristbands are available at the Fair Office on Monday through Wednesday preceding the Fair. The only wristbands available in advance are Seasonal Wristbands.

Q. What are the prices for the rides?

A. Rides are free with the purchase of a wristband and are unlimited.

Q. Are there children’s prices?

A. Children 3 and under are free. If they want to ride to rides they will have to purchase a wristband.

Q. I don’t want to go on any rides. Do I still need to purchase a wristband?

A. Everyone needs a wristband whether you go on the rides or not. The wristband is your admission to the fair. We offer many other events and activities.

Q. Does the wristband include the cost of the Grandstand Events?

A. Yes.

Q. How do I get to the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds?

A. Please refer to out Directions Page of this website for directions.

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