Friday, July 20

Friday, July 20

Van’s Lumber Midway Stage

Joe Jerabek Band

Formerly the Clete Bellin Band

Noon – 4 PM

Admission: Free with Wristband

Conscious Pilot

5:30 – 8:30 PM

Admission: Free with Wristband

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Have you ever heard a band that has a distinct, unique sound that when you hear it, you just know who it is? Isn’t that a killer feeling to experience? How does that happen? Great players, maybe. Hard work, most likely. Passion for music, absolutely. Conscious Pilot is one such band!
The players come from Wisconsin’s elite ensembles that include: The Groove Hogs, Separate Ways (2015 WAMI Male Vocalist of The Year) and Short Stuff (2017 WAMI Hall of Fame Inductee). A fresh and powerful sound that is familiar and fun! Conscious Pilot, a vibe to make you shake, rattle and roll…


9:30 – 11:30 PM

Admission: Free with Wristband

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Hairball is a Rock & Roll experience you won’t forget. A band puts on a concert – Hairball puts on an event! The lights, sound, video screens, smoke, fire, blood, bombs, confetti, spiders, snakes & monsters (oh my) and the screaming hoards of rabid Hairball fans create an event – an event that hits you so hard, it’ll take a few days to recover! Rock & Roll will NEVER die!!!
Vocalists Bobby, Kris Vox, and Joe Dandy lead the band through a 2+ hour, mind-blowing, and drop-dead accurate homage to some of the biggest arena acts in the world. Van Halen, KISS, Motley Crue, Queen, Journey, and Aerosmith are but a few of the acts fans will see brought to life. The Hairball stage becomes an entirely new rock concert before your very eyes countless times throughout the night.