Thursday, July 19

Thursday, July 19

Van’s Lumber Midway Stage

The Cougars

7:30 – 11:30 PM

Admission: Free with Wristband

Click on picture to find out more about the Cougars.

The Cougars Band is a 6-piece Rock and Roll group fronted by 3 lead female vocalists. Their specialty is belty, high-energy songs and lots of harmonies. You’ll hear everything from Journey to Lady GaGa with some cross over country mixed in. They also play 80s hits and party songs to keep the dance floor full. While fun is the name of the game with this band, you will find some impressive musicianship coming from the stage as each member has many years of playing experience under their belt. They are not saying they are old…just experienced…MEOW!

So how did they all get together? They’ve gotten this question so many times that they decided to put it in their bio. Steph and Anna have known each other the longest, working together at Henri’s Music and maintaining a friendship since then. Eric and Anna met while their bands, Tripp Dexter and Saturday Morning, were playing in many of the same venues. They just always seemed to bump into each other. Kurt, Eric and Anna all did a turn at the dinner theater circuit and that is how their paths crossed. They were all friends before they put this little group together and decided it would be a fun adventure and give them something to do with their weekends…turns out they were right!